Monday, December 21, 2009

Rachel Aldana open my doors please

Just once would be a dream come true to have the beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, busty Rachel Aldana open the door to you in her full glory. The above picture is absolutely brilliant and its from her Mojito Robe Behind the Scenes photo shoot. Nice angles and composition than the regular studio shots. Click here and enjoy some pictures from her latest photo set and to see the full set and HD video join Rachel Aldana's website.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nice robe Rachel Aldana

In her latest photo set, Rachel Aldana is wearing a very sexy Mojito colored robe. Green works well with her and she is looking absolutely drop dead sexy hot gorgeous. The robe does not stay on for long which is to our advantage. You love this set, take a look at a few pics at the links below and for the full enjoyment, go to

Mojito Robe photoset part 1
Mojito Robe photoset part 2

Mojito Robe HD video

Red and black polka dots, nice!!!

In this set, Rachel Aldana is wearing a super small bikini, perfect for her beautifully sized big breasts. Nothing wrong with that at all. Enjoy the 3 part photo set and HD video below:

Polka Dots part 1 - photoset
Polka Dots part 2 - photoset
Polka Dots part 3 - photoset

Polka Dots HD video part 1
Polka Dots HD video part 2