Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rachel Aldana and Denise Milani in string bikinis, oh my

Rachel Aldana and Denise Milani together, lovely. This is such a great set and yes I know I am a little behind in blogging this but hey nothing wrong with a little "better late than never". They look absolutely fantastic together and in their respective bikinis too. Just not big enough for Rachel to cover her bountiful breasts, but who is complaining, she looks stunning as always.

Looking at these pictures, I noticed that Denise aint that tall, she is wearing heels and is the same height as Rachel Aldana. In my opinion Rachel tops Denise in every category, she definetly has more boobage, is taller and alot more sexier. Needs to get tops on the smile though, find that Denise has an abundance of glow with her smile but I am sure Rachel will top that as well. Would love to join the 2 of them for some hot-tubbing and wine, cant have everything can we.

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