Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get wet with Rachel Aldana

The summer is here and the weather is magic, no better time to sip on caiparinhas and checking out the busty beautiful Rachel Aldana getting soaked up in the shower. Last month's shower edition was a very sexy Bikini Waterfall shoot and now followed up by a Tropical Shower, nice. Would love one right about now with a caiparinha in 1 hand and the lovely Rachel in the other to cool down. Her sets are becoming more sexier by the month and really enjoy all of Rachel Aldana's updates at her website. This set starts off with Rachel Aldana wearing a little white undershirt and we all know what happens to these tops when water is applied, say no more... Enjoy the preview of her latest wetillicious set here and see it all including videos and more at, cheers....

  • press 1 lime cut in 4 with a teaspoon of sugar in a tumbler with a wooden pestle.
  • add ice and top up with 5 oz of Cachaca (white sugar cane liquour).... absolutely brilliant